About us

It is not a special skill or professional thing at all, but there is a little ingenuity and adding color to your lifestyle.
We have a place where you can create Japanese something for your daily scenes, through food,
beauty of Japanese technique, and enjoyment.
We’re welcome you join us and let’s try to experience the goodness of Japanese tradition.

<Art Sushi Roll>

We, “Cross Culture,” introduce you how to make decorative Art Sushi Rolls.
Let’s make it in order from the easy ones.

Why don’t you we make such a wonderful dish together?


Kazue Shima
I’m from south place of Chiba pref., Boso area. Boso is the birthplace of Art Sushi Roll, so this is daily food from child food.
I’ve worked as designer and illustrator, and creating lots of things in my life. Now, I want to let people know how to make Art Sushi Roll and others for inheriting tradition and skills.

I lived in Houston, US for 1 year and a half. I had a lot of cross-culture experiences there and taught local people how to make sushi roll.
I really likes to entertain people with my food.
We hope you feel Japanese beauty and hospitality with us!