Art Sushi Roll

Art Sushi Roll

This traditional technique of Art Sushi Roll was born in Chiba prefecture, located next to Tokyo,
about 200 years ago.

We launched this place for exchanging cultures all over the world.
We want to let people know our food and culture, not only foreigners but next generations.
I was born and raised in Chiba Prefecture, too. My mother, aunt
and my grandma have made this beautiful sushi rolls for New Year’s Day, important events,
birthdays party and daily table.
These were natural scenes of table in my life.
I would like to help people communicate this culture and technique for their special dishes.

We want you to have experience to make many decorative Sushi Rolls,
like flowers and designs based on Japanese traditional art. 
If you get this technique, you can enjoy beautiful dishes on your table,
at home party, and in an important family event.

We have 3 classes for beginners to advanced.
Even if you have no experience to wrap rice by seaweed and using MAKISU,
don’t worry! 
We prepare to teach you this simple technique in “level 1 & 2 class”.
Please check “workshop page” for the detail.

It’s 2 min walk from NAKAI station/
Seibu Shinjuku Line & Toei Oedo Line.
Workshop at Japanese building,
beautiful inside