Terms of Service

Terms of Service

This Terms of Service and the individual terms related to this Terms of Service apply to all Customers who use our services that Cross Culture provides.
By using the Services, Customers use our services agree to all provisions of the Terms. If you do not consent to the Terms, you are not allowed to use the Services.

Customers join our class shall apply in accordance with the method specified separately by us.

Credit Card

・Cancellation by the 5 days before the class day: return 100% of the paid fee
・Cancellation by the 4days before the class day: no return of the paid fee

3<Changing schedule after application>
・Changing schedule is possbile by the 3 days before the class day
・Regarding schedule changes after application, please cancel your reservation,
then make another reservation on the desired date again.

4<Acceptable date of application>
Acceptable date of application depending upon each class.

Capacity varies depending upon each class.

6<Minumum number of participation>
Minimum; 2 persons.
Please note that we may cancel the class if the number of applicants is less than the minimum number of participants.

Since the class will start on time, please do not be late.
Even if you are late, there is no reduction of fees.
We are not responsible for theft inside the venue. You are responsible for managing your belongings.

Any act that we determine that it falls under any one of the followings shall be prohibited when joining our class, regardless of whether it is conducted intentionally or negligently.
In the case that a customer conducts a prohibited action, we will reject your joining, or take other necessary measures without prior notice at our discretion.
1: Action that hinder the progress of the workshop
2: Acts that cause trouble to other customers
3: Soliciting or selling products and services
4: Shooting / recording act of workshop
5: Any other actions that we considers inappropriate
6: Act for direct transaction and soliciting without using this Service.
7: Using the Services to direct Members and Users to other websites for profit.
8: Posting expressions that others feel unpleasant.
9: Posting contents that we judge unsuitable at our discretion.
10: Posting false or inaccurate description about the Provided Service.